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This page will showcase memories and stories submitted by former Cadets and Staff. If you have a story or memory that you'd like to share, feel free to submit them to the Webmaster via E-Mail (link below). Stories posted will be rotated as new stories are recieved.

You may submit whatever you like, a funny story, a touching memory or a favorite photo. Also if you have any documents from E.N.M.S such as the Contract your parents signed on enrollment, a page from an E.N.M.S. Brochure, Your diploma from an increase in rank or even your treasured Demerit Slip, send a copy along. Please keep in mind that the Cadet Memories page will only be updated as new material is recieved. Thank you in advance for your gratefully accepted submissions.



There can not be a more good natured man in the world than Lt. Gikas. He had a car, a DKW, it was a little like a VW, except that the panels were flat and it’s 3cylinder motor only had 7 moving parts. As you can guess it didn’t weight very much. Every couple of days or so a group of larger students, would pick up his car and carry it off and hide it. The next day he would laugh and say something like, ‘You had me looking yesterday.’

Then one day, they saw a hay wagon parked down by the gym, so they put his car up on the wagon. Now not only did he have to find his car, he had to get help to get it off the wagon. The next day he parked his car under a tree and then put a chain around the tree and the front bumper. The students were stumped for a few minutes, then one of them noticed that there was another tree next to the one that the car was chained to, and the distance between the two trees, was about the same as the length of the car, so they picked up the back of the car and swung it around, wedging the car between the two tree. The next day word came down from above that students were not to touch faculty cars. Lt. Gikas was not the one that reported the incident. In fact later he told me that he was sorry that it was over, as it was a good game.

By Doug Collins

  Cadet Lieutenant Carl Schmidt (Class of 1959) submitted the following via E-Mail. Thanks Carl!
As for the reason I attended.....
Well..... It was all over a girl..... yup.... that's right.....
My parents were very protective of all 3 of their children and as a result  they wanted to know where we were ... all the time.... well when I was 16, I was not doing well at Hollywood High School. I met a fine looking girl, that I instantly fell in love with  ( at that age - my hormones were racing). I attempted to have a clandestine meeting with her... Subsequently my parents found out about it and attempted to "Stop me at the door" on my way to see her.... Needless to say my parents had a control problem with me as I was thought of as a "out of control rebel" (a very bad thing in the late 50's).. The very next week I found myself at the  door step at the infamous E.N.M.S..
I was never abandoned by my parents who made the long trip from Pasadena to the school every weekend!!

My rebel ways continued, as the first night I was there I took down the hall light bulb just outside my room and through it down the stair well - where in mad a loud poping noise. The next day, at formation. Captain Marr came out of this office and asked the entire Battalion "who did it?" .... Well I was shaking in my boots and kept very quiet.
The next thing I knew..... the entire school was forced to march for an hour.... after the march the Cadets started to conduct their own investigation. 
I was very scared...  so I went to Capt Marr's office to make a private confession.... The event was dropped.
Bottom line... the school had given me a great lesion in life..... "You must take responsibly for your actions"
I learned a lot more things at the school besides education , I can assure you. 
Thanks to my father - (God bless him) - The School had forever changed my life for ever..
They used the Cadets themselves to enforce the rules and gave them rank when they showed leadership abilities to get the job done..... I made the rank of  Lieutenant  at the beginning of my second year (very unusual  to make rank from private to Lieutenant  in such a short period of time).  I  now had the responsibility to deal with an entire dorm full of 14,15 year old "rebels"  This forced me to became  responsible  and brought out leadership abilities I did not know I had (for which I again give credit to my father).  I was able to earn the respect of my peers.  My rebel days were now over forever...     

A short memory submitted by Gary Simpson

Here is slightly strange story. My last night at ENMS (June 1960) I was “Officer of the Day”; one of the duties of the “OD” in those days was to check all the rooms and dorms at night and make a report on all cadets present and absent. It was called a “Strength Report”.  Years later my friend Harry Maroni and myself visited ENMS and watched a Dress Parade.This was in the Late 60’s or early 70’s. At any rate we visited with Major Marr in his office. Hanging on the wall was the same clipboard with the same “Strength Report”; signed “Lt. Simpson” that I tuned in my last night at ENMS.

Another from Doug Collins


Be it known that upon this day of days, the illustrious Seniors submit their last will and testament. Accept this as our final legacy to the Junior Class.

I, Harold "Be Careful" Adams, do hereby leave to Jerry "Honey" Graf, my ability to get away with everything. I hop your luck will e as good as mine.

I, Victory "Glasses" Aguilar, do hereby pass on to Ramon "Speedy" Gonzales and Carlos "Gordo" Esponosa, my poor English pronunciation. May they frustrate more teachers than I have.

I Robert "Handiman" Collins do hereby give to David "Midnight" Harabedian, my last can of Babo. Use it wisely my friend.

I, Pete "Truck Lover" Delaney, do hereby leave to Victor "Flappen Lips" Bongberg and Thomas "Struggling" Stern, my ability to stay out of the clinic. May you both be as lucky as I have been.

I, Carlos "Wise One" Garcia, do hereby leave to David " Cool One" Anderson, my hidden abilities. May you find more luck in finding them than I did.

I, Michael "Private Orderly" Hawks, do hereby will to Carl "Bra" Gardener, all the valet. May you save more money than I have.

I, Bill "Fog Horn" Kelly, do hereby leave to Peter, "Fato" Thomasset and Robert "Chinaman" Turner, my great ability to talk and laugh. May you draw more crowds than I have.

I, Neil "Panther" King, do hereby bequeath to Alan "Nosen" Rosen and Don "Kiwi" Lusk, my ability to charm the young heifers. May you improve on the technique.

I, "Frenchie" Nesson, do hereby leave to Albert "Slob" Woodward, my knack of attracting women. You’ll need it, monsier.

I, Ronald "The Temper" Porter, do hereby give to Brent "Campus Clown" Biggs, my guard duty. May you do a better job than I have.

I, Mike "Forger" Quarto, do hereby give to Carl "Nice Try" Schmidt and Tom "Exit" Hanzlik, 10 genuine, guaranteed Major Marchinton signatures and a free pocket-size map on "How to leave Campus." May you find the road I missed.

I, Rodger "Hypo" Redelings, do hereby bequeath to Tom Beetle" Beidleman, all my useless hopes of getting promoted. I’m sure you’ll have better luck.

I, Robert "Un-coordinated" Stephens, do hereby pass on to Ronald "Good Lookin" Reilly and Peter "blushing" Mist, my ability to do things wrong. May you do more wrong than I have.

I, Wilbur "Dumbo" Terrill, do hereby leave to John "Blow Hard" Stone, my ability to fly. May you never lose your altitude.

I, Ralph "Bones" Thuesen, do hereby will to Grover "Fats" Dobyns, my ability to cause trouble. May you cause Lt. Upton more trouble than I did.

I Ron "Tarzan" West, do hereby pass to Jon "Sneak a Smoke" Bergstrom and Richard "Ape Man" Nightingale, my ability to do work in English. May you have a much easier time than I’ve had.

I, Rex "Bongos" Willis do hereby leave to Richard "Smiling Jack" McNeil, my ability to scheme out of anything. May you have better scheming.

Signed, Witnessed, Sealed and Approved,

The Senoirs

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Submitted by Doug Collins



AKA Frenchie, class of 1958. He came to Elsinore from France for his senior year of high school specking very little English. So as good, well behaved teenagers we took upon our selves to teach Frenchie, English. We wanted to make it easy for him so we started with simple four letter words, you know the kind that you don’t use in front of your mother or school teacher, of course we didn’t tell him this as we didn’t want to confuse him small details. You can guess what happened next.

It was funny to us as when he would get frustrated or anxious, which was often, he would forget everything except for those four letter words. These long streams of unrelated and disjointed four letter would flow from his mouth, just like a stream after a spring thunder storm, and we would break in to laughter and the more we laughed the greater the torrent of words would become, until he would get red in the face and finally run out of breath and have to stop.

Another trick that we would play on Nesson, was to get behind him when he was writing. and in a low voice, but loud enough for him to hear us we would slowly say numbers like, 14, 25, 10, 38, etc., or we would start talking graphically about girls and what we wanted to do when we got home, and the next thing you know he would start writing down our every number or word until he would realize what he was doing and then that long stream of words would start again.

Thinking back now, I kind of feel sorry for all the embarrassment we caused him and I hope he has forgiven us uncouth Americans and that he has had a good life after he graduated from Elsinore as he was a really good guy.

Doug Collins, Class of 1958